Sunday, August 25, 2013

Create and Activate Sand boxed solutions in SharePoint 2010

To work with Snadbpxed solutions, first thing you need  to start Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Sandboxed Code Service  into Central Administration..

Step to Start Sandboxed service:
1- Navigate to System Settings –> Clickon Manage Services on Server and start the “Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Sandboxed Code Service” service.

Create a Sandboxed solution:-

1- Create a SharePoint Project in Visual Studio > In SharePoint Customization Wizard: From What is the trust level for this SharePoint solution? > select Deploy as a sandboxed solution.

2- Add New Item > Select Web Part from SharePoint 2010 Templates

3- Add below lines in WebPart.cs file at CreateChildControls event

  Label _label1 = new Label();
  _label1.Text = "Hi this is from sandboxed solution......";

4- In case you missed to select option Deploy as Sandboxed solution at the time of Project Creation then you can change it later > Select Project in Solution Explorer> Open Properties Window > In Sanboxed Solution select True

5- Now create wsp file of this solution by click on Package on Project

Upload Sandboxed Solution:

1-Go to the Site Actions > Site Settings > Galleries > Solutions > Click on Upload Solution

Activate Sandboxed Solution:

see here activated sandboxed solution...

Feature activated...

Finally add .wsp file to SharePoint web part page...


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